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Easy Soap & Candle Projects for Kids and Beginners

Ready to get started making your own handmade soaps and candles? After you've gathered the equipment, tools and ingredients you'll need, pick one of these fun projects to try.

Soap Making Books for Kids
Whether you're a soap maker looking to inspire/groom the little soap makers in your house - or just a parent with an inquisitive child, these books will give your kids great information, projects, science lessons, experiments, and overall soapy fun.

Basic Melt and Pour Soap
Eager to get started making soap, but not quite ready to tackle Cold Process soap making? Melt and Pour is a wonderful way to begin. These basic instructions will guide you step-by-step.

Melt and Pour Scrubbies Soap
Soft nylon scrubbies and melt and pour soap - great kids bath time fun.

How To Make Simple Rolled Beeswax Candles
Instructions for making a simple rolled beeswax candle. Great for kids.

Stained Glass Votive Holder
Step by step instructions to make a stained glass votive holder

Make a Rolled Beeswax Taper - Easy Candle Project
Simple instructions for making a rolled taper out of beeswax sheets.

Melt and Pour Soap Making Videos
Melt and pour soap making is a really easy way to get started making your own custom homemade soap. But sometimes seeing it done helps to understand the "how-to" a bit better. That's why we've collected these melt and pour soap making videos for you. Along with the full step by step instructions on the site, they should be a great primer to get you started making your own soap in no time.

Make a Simple Votive Candle
Instructions on how to make a simple votive candle. Great beginner project.

How Soap Cleans
Experiment that shows how soap cleans.

Beeswax Votive Holders
Instructions to make votive candle holders out of sheets of natural beeswax

Candle Making - Bees Wax Tea Lites
Unique and easy candle making project using beeswax and cookie cutters - perfect for holiday candle table settings or center pieces

Beeswax Sheet Book Candle
Easy step-by-step instructions for making a book candle out of beeswax sheets.

Halloween Applique Candle - Easy Holiday Candle Making Project
Spooky ghosts and cats and moons. Halloween applique candle project. Easy holiday candle making project

Make Halloween Melt and Pour Soap - Easy Soap Making Project
An easy soap making project using Halloween jello and muffin molds and melt and pour soap.

Make Your Own Mitre Box Soap Mold
Step by step instructions to make a great soap mold out of a mitre box and some wood strips.

Christmas Melt and Pour Scrubbies
Easy instructions to make Christmas-themed melt and pour scrubby soaps

Soap Making Basics - Getting Started Making Hand Made Soap
Want to make your own hand made soaps, but just a beginner? Start here for a quick primer in soap making - A great overview of the methods commonly used, what it takes to get started, and why you'd want to make your own soap in the first place.

Candle Making Basics - Getting Started Making Candles
Candles make a house more cozy, romantic, and beautiful. Indeed, they help make a house into a "home." Bring some hand made light into your home by making your own candles.

Candy Cane Striped Melt and Pour Soap
Candy Cane melt and pour soap project

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