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How to Make Bath Salts


We've become a culture of quick showers rather than long luxurious baths...but the times when we do want to take a long soak, adding some scented and/or therapeutic salts to the water really make the bath wonderful. They're super easy to make, and with some variations in scents and ingredients, you can customize them into a wide variety of spa-like creations. Here are some basic instructions and basic recipes to get you started.

1. Basic Bath Salts Recipe

David Fisher

Here are the basic instructions and ingredients you'll need to make your own marvelous custom bath salts.

2. Oatmeal Bath Salts Recipe

Marga Buschbell Steeger / Getty Images

Oatmeal is a wonderful soothing treat for your skin.

3. Stuffy Nose Bath Salts Recipe

Chris Andrews / Getty Images

Have a stuffy nose? The essential oils in this recipe are known for their cold-symptom-helping qualities.

4. Simple Milk Bath Recipe

The Palma Collection / Getty Images

Cleopatra, and other sophisticated ladies, have bathed in milk for centuries. This simple recipe is very flexible and customizable to your own royal desires.

5. Invigorating Fook Soak Bath Salts Recipe

Greg Paprocki / Getty Images

A wonderful treat for your feet!

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