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How to Make Bath Fizzies/Bath Bombs


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Prepare the Ingredients for Your Bath Bombs
Measuring the Citric Acid

Measuring the Citric Acid

David Fisher
We're going to separate the ingredients for the bath bombs into a "dry phase" and a "wet phase"

Dry Phase
It doesn't really matter whether you mix the dry or the wet phase first...though by habit, I always do the dry first and set it aside.

  • Sift the dry ingredients into your mixing bowl and stir them well to make sure they are blended well and no clumps remain. Set the bowl aside.
  • If you're adding your color to the dry phase, do so, as I cover in Coloring Fizzy Bath Bombs

Wet Phase

  • Put the water into your squirt bottle and add the borax. Be sure to add the borax before you add the other ingredients! It won't completely dissolve...more give you a sort of wet slush.
  • add your colorant (if you're adding color to the liquid phase) to the water/borax mixture (see Coloring Fizzy Bath Bombs
  • add the fragrance or essential oil and the vegetable oil
  • shake well so that the whole mixture becomes emulsified - a creamy, slurry-like mixture
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