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How to Make Bath Salts


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How to Make Homemade Bath Salts
Bath salts
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Making your own bath salts is SO easy...and pretty impossible to mess up. It's a great recipe/project for kids...or kids who want to help their parent make something special.

I know...I know...we've become a culture of quick showers rather than long luxurious baths...but the times when we do want to take a long soak, adding some scented and/or therapeutic salts to the water really make the bath wonderful.

Click here for a collection of all of my bath salts recipes - but the setup and procedure is pretty similar (and simple) for all of them. For this basic bath salts recipe you'll need:

  • Some salt - I prefer a mixture of sea salt and epsom salt, but there are many different types of salt both rare and common from all over the world. While there are trace minerals and such in the exotic salts, with the exception of dead sea salt (which has lots of extra stuff in it) it's all pretty much just salt.
  • Some scent - you can use skin-safe fragrance oils or for an aromatherapy bath, essential oils
  • Some glass or metal bowls to mix it in
  • Some whisks and/or spoons to mix it
  • A container to put it in - preferably air tight like a mason or other jar. (Plastic is better than glass around the bath tub if you can get it, though some fragrance or essential oils will warp and discolor plastic.)
Optional ingredients include:
  • Dendritic salt or Natrasorb Bath to absorb/hold the fragrance
  • Color - either liquid soap colors or micas work well
  • Baking Soda - acts as a skin softener and water conditioner
  • Corn starch - gives the water a silky feel
  • Epsom salt - actually magnesium sulfate - has very different therapeutic qualities
  • Botanicals - although they can be messy in the tub, botanicals like rose petals, chamomile flowers or crushed eucalyptus leaves can be a marvelous effect
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