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Bath and Body Projects, Recipes and Information

Information about candle and soap making-related bath and body projects - lotion, salts, and more.

Basic Bath Salts Recipe
Simple recipe for basic bath salts.

Bath & Body Recipe Videos
While many folks start out just making soap and candles, most soap and candle makers that I know branch out into some sort of bath & body project at some time or another. Here are two easy projects that use ingredients you may already have on hand - or at least know where to get. And both are just as great for your skin as your hand made soap.

Basic Bath Salts
Basic instructions to make bath salts

What Kind of Salt Can I Use in Bath Salts?
What Kind of Salt Can I Use in Bath Salts? Can I use table or kosher salt in bath salts?

Fizzy Bath Bombs
Instructions to make basic fizzy bath bombs.

How to Make Bath Salts
We've become a culture of quick showers rather than long luxurious baths...but the times when we do want to take a long soak, adding some scented and/or therapeutic salts to the water really make the bath wonderful. They're super easy to make, and with some variations in scents and ingredients, you can customize them into a wide variety of...

Transforming your Bath
There's just something about a nice, long bath that helps bring a long day to a wonderful relaxing end. Here's how to transform your bath.

Simple Milk Bath Recipe
Simple recipe for milk bath.

Soothing Oatmeal Bath Salt Recipe
Simple recipe for bath salts formulated with skin soothing oatmeal.

Invigorating Foot Soak/Bath Salts Recipe
Simple recipe for bath salts formulated as a foot soak.

Stuffy Nose Bath Salts Recipe
Simple recipe for bath salts for stuffy noses and colds.

Water Dispersible Bath Oil
Instructions to make Water Dispersible Bath Oil

Dry Perfume Roll-on
Dry Perfume Roll-on or Body Oil Spray with Cyclomethicone

Adding Color to Your Fizzy Bath Bombs
Step by step instructions for coloring your fizzy bath bombs

Cocoa Butter Massage Bars
Instructions, ingredients and recipe for cocoa butter massage bar

How to Keep Your Body Butter from Melting
How can you keep natural whipped body butter from melting in warm temperatures?

How to Make Individual Sugar Scrub Cubes
Use these individual sugar scrub cubes to exfoliate easily.

How to Make Shampoo Soap Bars
Take care of your hair with your natural homemade soap.

Why Salt is Good for Your Soap and Other Products
Why do we put salt in our soap and bath & body products? Why is salt good for our health and skin?

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