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How to Make Chunks for Chunk Candles


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Making Chunk Candles? You'll Need Some Chunks!
Rainbow Chunk Candles

Rainbow Chunk Candles

David Fisher
One of the most popular and widely varied "varieties" of candles is the chunk candle. Chunk votives, chunk pillars, chunk containers. White chunks, colored chunks, multi-colored chunks. You name it - there are practically limitless possibilities. They can be cut into small cubes, or they can be left in "bars" or rectangular pieces for vertical chunk candles. Chunks can be put into pillar candles and container candles too!

But to make chunk candles, you first need some chunks. (We'll get into the "overpour" in another step-by-step.) For now, let's just make some great chunks.

There are lots of ways to make chunks. From just chopping up or chipping off bits of old candles...to making them from scratch, they'll mostly all work. But after lots of experimentation, I've found a recipe/method that I think works really well.

To make the best chunks (in my opinion):

  1. You want the chunks to be made of the same wax as the overpour. That way, when the candle burns, it will burn evenly and smoothly.
  2. I prefer both the chunks and overpour to be as translucent as possible. This allows the light to shine through and highlight the colors in the chunks.
  3. Chunk candles are as much about the look of the candle as they are about the scent - so I don't worry too much about the scent.
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