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Rose Garden Soap Recipe


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Rose Garden Soap Project

Three types of roses - rose clay, rose petals, rose hips

David Fisher
While some may say they never promised you a rose garden, I tried to create one in a soap recipe. I tried to incorporate everything "rose" related that I had - albeit except rose essential oil. This recipe incorporates red rose clay, rose hips, and dried rose petals. The clay gives a lovely color and adds a creamy/silkiness. The rose hips give the opposite of silkiness with a scrubby natural exfoliation. The rose petals are scrubby too - but are there mostly for visual effect.

Now, scenting a "rose" themed soap can be a challenge. While there are many wonderful rose fragrance oils out there, like some other floral fragrance oils, they can accelerate trace and cause the soap to get too thick too quickly to do a multi-layered soap like I've planned here. So, you have two choices - you can use a reliable rose fragrance oil (be sure to check with the vendor to see if/and how much it will accelerate trace), or you can create a "rose-like" essential oil blend. I opted with the latter, and created a blend of:

  • 35% rose geranium essential oil
  • 30% bergamot mint
  • 25% cedarwood
  • 10% rosemary
The rose geranium is the strongest note in the blend, followed by the floral/citrus/herbal qualities of the bergamot mint. The blend is grounded by woodsy cedarwood, with just a dash of rosemary to brighten and "green" it up. It doesn't smell like "rose" - but it has a similar feel/mood to a rose. It's sweet, green, floral, layered and complex like a true rose.

So, let's get on to our recipe and making some soap!

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