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Can I Use Leftover Candle Fragrance in Soap?


Can I Use Leftover Candle Fragrance in Soap? Robert Tardio / Getty Images
Question: Can I Use Leftover Candle Fragrance in Soap?
I taught a soap making class recently and one of the ladies in the class asked me, "My daughter used to make candles, but doesn't any more. She brought all of these supplies over to my house, thinking I could use them. (I recently started making soap.) Can I use the fragrances in my soap?"
Answer: I've had more than a few folks bring me boxes of leftover, long forgotten candle or soap making supplies. I know, to those of us who adore the craft, it seems odd, but there are people out there who get started making candles or soap, and then decide it's just not for them.

But to your question. The answer is...maybe. If they were leftover soap fragrances that you wanted to use in candles, I'd say yes, that's fine. But there are some candle fragrances that are not safe on your skin. If you look at candle fragrance supplier's websites, you'll see that a small portion of the fragrances are labeled "candles only" or "not skin-safe."

So...unless the bottle is clearly labeled "skin safe" or "for soap and candles" or some other language that clearly states it's safe for use in soap or bath & body products, I wouldn't risk it.

If there's no information, and it's from a major supplier, you could contact them or visit their website and check...but it's possible that formulations may have changed since your daughter bought it. The "cinnamon stick" fragrance that they carry now may be skin safe, but the one they carried four years ago (or whenever it was that they were purchased) may not.

Maybe this is just the opportunity to try your hand at making candles as well!

Here's more about the difference between fragrance and essential oils...

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