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What are Your Favorite Soap Making Recipes?


What are Your Favorite Soap Making Recipes? Randy Mayor / Getty Images
Question: What are Your Favorite Soap Making Recipes?
Linda writes, "I love your articles and the great info you provide online. I've only recently started following you so please excuse me if this question has already been asked. Do you have a couple favorite cold process soapmaking methods and, if so, why do you like those particular recipes?"
Answer: Great question!

I like to think that my favorite soap recipe is the one I just made. I love the anticipation of trying out that first bar of a new batch and seeing just how all of the various aspects of scent, lather, hardness and creaminess are all going to blend together.

But everyone has to start somewhere...right?

Just like consulting a cookbook, it's good to learn the craft of soap making by using a tested reliable recipe. But think of those recipes as just a starting point because there's nothing like creating your own recipe from scratch. Whether it's because you only have certain oils on hand, or you're looking to create the perfect bar of soap, creating your own recipe allows you to control each and every ingredient.

So, a good place to start is my article about Creating A Soap Recipe or my Creating Personalized Soap Recipes video. Then, browse through the many types and possibilities of soap that you can make, in my directory of soap making recipes. There are really basic three-oil recipes to more complex formulas. Some use animal oils, some don't. Some are fancy, some are simple. All are tried-and-true recipes that I've made personally myself.

Now...to answer your question, I probably have made my Basic 4-Oil Soap Recipe more than any other recipe. It's simple, balanced, reliable, and it makes really good soap. It's a great recipe to start with.

Welcome to the wonderful world of making soap!

Tell us how you got started making soap!

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