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What Books Do I Need to Get Started Making Soap?


What Books Do I Need to Get Started Making Soap? Thomas Northcut / Getty Images
Question: What Books Do I Need to Get Started Making Soap?
Shelly from Pismo Beach asks, "I know there's lots of soap making information on the internet (I love your site!) but call me old fashioned, I love being able to learn from books. What books would you recommend to get started making soap?"
Answer: Shelly, I know how you feel. When I first got started making soap, I learned a LOT from the internet, but I still bought a couple of basic soapmaking books too. I got my first taste of soapmaking from Norma Coney's "The Complete Soapmaker and learned the basics from Susan Miller Cavitch's Soapmaker's Companion. There are dozens of great soap and candle making books out there, though. Here are some links to get you started: If you're thinking about starting your own soap business I highly recommend Marie Gale's Good Manufacturing Practices for Soap & Cosmetic Handcrafters and Soap & Cosmetic Labeling!

Each of these books will have its own basket of information and will help you find the type of soap making that intrigues and delights you.

And...there's still the internet! (grin)

Happy soaping!

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