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Soap Making Recipes - Varieties of Homemade Soap - Create Soap ...
A soap cookbook of original and submitted soap making recipes - everything from basics to luxury soaps. Laundry soaps and specialty soap recipes too!
Collection of Soap Recipes - Soap-Making Resources
Soap making recipes of all types - learn how to make soap - milk soaps, basic soaps, specialty soaps, advanced soap recipes.
Basic Olive Oil (Castile) Soap Recipes - Candle & Soap Making
Easy recipes for making your own homemade "Castile" olive oil soap.
Soap Making Recipes - Favorite Soap Recipes
I like to think that my favorite soap recipe is the one I just made. I love the anticipation of trying out that first bar of a new batch and seeing just how all of the  ...
Basic Soap Making Recipes - Make Natural Homemade Soap
Want to start making soap? Here are a collection of tried and true basic recipes from the top soap makers in the country.
Specialty Soap Recipes - Advanced or Interesting Soap Recipes
Specialty soap recipes - advanced projects and more.
Soap Making - Basic 4-Oil Soap Recipe - Candle & Soap Making
Here is a basic soap recipe with simple ingredients that makes great soap. I've made dozens and dozens of batches with this recipe, and use it as the basic ...
Basic 3-Oil Soap Recipe - Candle & Soap Making - About.com
Basic 3-Oil Soap Making Recipe - A good super simple recipe to get started making soap.
Mild or Sensitive Skin Baby Soap Recipe - Candle & Soap Making
Most soap makers devise recipes that tread the balance carefully between cleansing, which usually is accompanied by the abundant bubbles of coconut or palm ...
Soap: Create Your Own Homemade Recipe - Candle & Soap Making
How to create your own marvelous soap recipes at home - ingredients, and easy- to-follow instructions to help you get the perfect bar of homemade soap.
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