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Soap Making Recipes - Varieties of Homemade Soap - Create Soap ...
A soap cookbook of original and submitted soap making recipes - everything from basics to luxury soaps. Laundry soaps and specialty soap recipes too!
Basic Olive Oil (Castile) Soap Recipes - Candle & Soap Making
Easy recipes for making your own homemade "Castile" olive oil soap.
Basic Soap Making Recipes - Make Natural Homemade Soap
Want to start making soap? Here are a collection of tried and true basic recipes from the top soap makers in the country.
Cold Process Shaving Soap Recipe - Candle & Soap Making
How to make your own cold process shaving soap - with a custom recipe just for shaving.
Soap: Create Your Own Homemade Recipe - Candle & Soap Making
How to create your own marvelous soap recipes at home - ingredients, and easy- to-follow instructions to help you get the perfect bar of homemade soap.
Soap Making Recipes - Favorite Soap Recipes
I like to think that my favorite soap recipe is the one I just made. I love the anticipation of trying out that first bar of a new batch and seeing just how all of the  ...
Mild or Sensitive Skin Baby Soap Recipe - Candle & Soap Making
Most soap makers devise recipes that tread the balance carefully between cleansing, which usually is accompanied by the abundant bubbles of coconut or palm ...
Using Honey in Soap Making - Candle & Soap Making - About.com
Information about using honey in hand made soaps - soap making recipes too.
Choosing the Right Olive Oil for Your Soap Recipes
Which type of olive oil is right for your soap making recipes? What's the difference in the different grades of olive oil?
Measurements vs. Percentages in Soap Making Recipes
You are probably familiar with recipes that call for one cup of this, two tablespoons of that and so forth. You mix it up and pour it into a standard pan and cook it.
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