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How to Clean Metal Votive Molds After Candle Making
One of the great things about making votive candles with metal votive molds is how easy it is to do. Drop a wick pin into the mold...pour your candle...let it ...
Molded Rose Candles - Silicone Mold - Red Rose Candles
Many candle makers have used silicone molds for years. They're wonderful for making intricate soaps and candles, but until recently have not been very ...
Prepare the Mold - Molded Rose Candle - Candle & Soap Making
Prepare the Mold - Step-by-step instructions to make molded rose candles.
Prep the Candle Mold - Frugal Living - About.com
Learn the proper way to insert wicks into a candle mold and other prep procedures.
Prepare Your Votive Candle Mold - Beginner Candle Making Project ...
prepare your mold for making a simple votive candle.
How Much Wax to Put in Your Candle Mold - Candle & Soap Making
How to calculate the volume of wax needed to fill a candle mold.
Make Votive Candles using Votive Molds and Wick Pins - Easy ...
Step by step instructions to make votive candles using molds and wick pins.
Freeze Your Molds - Make Rustic Pillar Candles - Candle Making ...
If you are pre-wicking your molds (not using wick pins), put the whole mold into a plastic bag so that the wick doesn't absorb any moisture from the freezer.
Floating Flower Candles - Candle & Soap Making - About.com
This project is a more advanced variation of my Basic Floating Candles project that uses a muffin pan as a mold. While the simple round candles that the muffin ...
Create Your Bundt Cake Candle Mold - Frugal Living - About.com
Learn how to turn a bundt cake pan into a candle mold.
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