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Mailbag Monday - Substituting Oils in Soap Recipes

By August 12, 2013

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Paula from Dallas writes: "I would like to try your lavender dream soap recipe, but I have some beef tallow that I got from the grocery store that I want to substitute. The butcher was going to throw it away, so I asked him if I could have it for soap! I've always used palm oil as my "hard stable oil" but I'd like to try tallow in soap. How do I adjust my recipe? And how hard is rendering tallow?"

Rendering your own tallow is not difficult at all - and not even as stinky as it's gotten a reputation for being. The key to substituting the tallow for the palm oils is in creating your own custom soap recipe. It really is one of the most rewarding aspects of soap making, and you should try it...tallow makes really wonderful soap. BUT - do not just substitute the same amount of tallow for another oil...and use the rest of the recipe as is! Be sure to run the revised recipe through a lye calculator if you change the recipe! Each oil you use in your soap recipe not only has its own unique qualities...but also its own unique lye amount.

On a related note...you could add the "lavender dream" essential oil blend to ANY soap recipe...not just this one...this just happened to be the recipe I used when I first designed and marketed that soap.

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