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A Gadget to Use that Extra Candle Energy

By February 24, 2006

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We all know that candles give off heat - but can a candle be used to actually warm up a room? Yes, evidently, with a new invention called a "Kandle Heeter" candle holder that is being promoted by Earth Toys. It's an interesting combination of bolts and terra cotta (what look to be) flower pots, that sits suspended above a container or votive candle - and evidently conserves the heat that is emitted by the candle and gently radiates it into your room. According to the manufacturer, a 4.5 oz. jar candle gives off almost as much heat (measured in BTUs) as a cubic foot of natural gas or 1/3 KW of electricity. And as a bonus, you can use the top plate to radiate essential oils for aromatherapy. Check it out and see cool diagrams of it at www.heatstick.com. It looks, from the diagrams, that it reflects some of the heat back onto the candle - which is why it doesn't work with pillar candles - I'm not sure how this would ultimately affect the burn time of the candle - but it would seem to me that it would shorten it. Check it out...interesting invention.


September 14, 2008 at 2:12 pm
(1) Glenn Sanford says:

If one burns a candle it gives off heat however the amount of heat it gives off should be consistent whether their is a piece of pottery involved or not. Ultimately however the pottery piece should keep some of radiant heat at a level that you can enjoy it a bit more. Maybe like a bit of a hand warmer.

March 12, 2011 at 2:19 pm
(2) James Blake says:

A kilowatt (KW) is a measure of power, not energy. I assume you mean 1/3KWh, because 1/3KW is the same power given off by 6 incandescent bulbs, and I don’t think we’d be bothering with bulbs if candles gave off that much light!

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